Yes, you can be THIN and HEALTHY again.


Easily. Effortlessly. Indulgently.

And your fat will never come back again.

The keto lifestyle takes your body back to the way that Mother Nature intended, as you rediscover WHEN TO EAT and WHAT TO EAT.

The keto lifestyle burns fat, reverses Type 2 Diabetes, and prevents diseases such as strokes, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and many types of cancer.

The keto lifestyle also provides extra energy, better mental clarity, and greater emotional stability.

After successfully coaching 8 of my friends through losing a combined total of 500 pounds, completely regaining their health, and reversing their Type 2 Diabetes, I officially started keto health coaching as a profession in 2019.

I realized that so many people need someone passionate & inspirational & motivational & knowledgeable like myself to personally hold them by the hand to gently guide them through the process of regaining their health & burning their excess fat forever.

I have been diligently studying keto since 2016, and I continue to learn new insights every day.


Photos of Scott Rose, before and after the keto lifestyle.

I was overweight, too.

Even though I looked relatively thin, my body fat percentage was 25%, which is categorized as obese.

While weight loss is not specifically the goal of the keto lifestyle, weight loss is THE RESULTING SYMPTOM of good health in general.

Unfortunately, we have been misled into thinking that weight loss is about restricting calories, doing tons of exercise, and sticking to low-fat diets.

I did everything “they” told me to do: I ate an extremely low-fat diet, I counted my calories, and I participated in an exercise bootcamp for years. But I kept getting fatter & sicker. Why?

These are actually myths, which is why 75% of our country is fat, sick, and dying of fully-preventable diseases (such as heart disease & strokes) and fully-reversible diseases (such as Type 2 Diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer's).


Weight loss and optimal health is simply about correcting the hormonal imbalances in our bodies, along with eating the right foods.

  • Being fat is NOT caused by “lack of exercise”.

  • Being fat is NOT caused by “overeating”.

  • Being fat is NOT caused by “eating too many fatty foods”.

  • Being fat is simply a hormonal problem that can easily be corrected.


The solution comes down to two incredibly simple things:
(And most people ignore the “when to eat” part.)

  • MYTH: You must be at a caloric deficit to burn fat. THIS IS FALSE! Restricting calories will ALWAYS LEAD TO WEIGHT GAIN 100% OF THE TIME, and it will often screw up the body’s metabolism for years so that weight loss becomes impossibly difficult.

  • MYTH: Exercise burns fat. THIS IS FALSE! Exercise, while fantastic for dozens of things such as building muscle & circulating the lymphatic system, does not burn fat over the long term — exercise only causes temporary fat loss, but then the fat comes back again.

  • MYTH: Fat and cholesterol cause heart attacks & strokes. THIS IS FALSE! Fat isn’t the cause of heart disease, inflammation of the arteries is. And inflammation is never created by eating fat, it is created by eating processed carbs and vegetable oils.

  • MYTH: A healthy diet consists of low-fat foods, non-fat foods, vegetable oils, and whole grains. THIS IS FALSE! Except for non-starchy vegetables (which are fine), these food recommendations are the foods which have sickened & fattened our entire country.

  • MYTH: Eat 6 small meals per day to keep your metabolism high. THIS IS FALSE! Your body needs to go through regular periods of feasting and fasting. This is how the human body was designed by Mother Nature. Intermittent fasting is a key component of the keto lifestyle.


My one-on-one keto health coaching program gently guides you through a transformation of your life and body, and will forever change your relationship with food — in the best way possible!

I struggled with my weight for years, and honestly had pretty much given up on feeling comfortable in my skin after ballooning to over 230lbs. Then Scott turned me on to keto. I lost over 75lbs during the course of a year and since then have been maintaining in the low 160s for the past 6 months. The best part wasn’t even physical. Before keto, I would say I had very high general anxiety levels, and also panic attacks. I used to drink quite a bit to cope with them, especially in social situations. But once I got into the keto diet, my anxiety levels dropped by over 90%, which means my drinking went from maybe 6-12 drinks a week to 6-12 drinks a YEAR (really just for the taste now). I feel so much more comfortable in my skin and in general, and it’s all thanks to Scott for turning me on to and helping me get started with keto. I never would have done it without his help and constant encouragement. He’s really one of the most positive and enthusiastic and helpful people I know.
— Caeriel Crestin (Keto Health Coaching Client)

Yes, you can be thin & healthy again.

Purchase a keto health coaching program that works for you, and I will guide you step-by-step through your best health successes ever.

keto and intermittent fasting.jpg

Photos of Scott Rose.

Before and after the keto lifestyle.


Medical Disclaimer:
I am not a doctor. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified medical provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. I am not giving medical advice. My keto health coaching programs are for educational purposes only. If you make any changes to your lifestyle or if you are taking any medication, please consult with a physician first.