I have a deep passion for coaching & training other public speakers who have their own inspirational messages to share with the world, on how to best share their stories onstage with their audiences.

If you’re a public speaker, I will help you shape & craft your talk until it is a gripping masterpiece. And then we will drill it & rehearse it until it reaches absolute perfection.

Client Success Story.

This TEDx talk features Kimberly Rich of theboldlifemovement.com, one of my most well-known clients. Her talk was already pretty great to begin with, but I helped her shape it, craft it, and rewrite parts of it to make it even more awesome! And then we drilled it and revamped it over & over again until it became the absolute perfection that you see today!

Thank you for your help with my talk. It wouldn’t be what it is without your experience and expertise. I am forever grateful.
— Kimberly Rich

My Professional Experience - Public Speaking

  • Apple

  • Think Better, Live Better, hosted by Marc and Angel

  • Austin Nerd Nite

  • One-man show for Comedy Central execs.

  • Coaching TEDx speaker

  • Coaching Notebowl founder

  • Acting, writing, improvising