For over 20 years,


I have been giving captivating, thought-provoking, and inspirational speeches on a variety of topics: motivation, technology, careers, liberty, health, and Bitcoin Cash. Most famously, I traveled around the country with Apple for 6 years, speaking at all their major events.

If you’re hosting an event, I can customize one of my pre-existing talks for your event, or I can create a brand new unique talk that will resonate with your particular audience.

For six years, I traveled around the country with Apple, speaking onstage in front of thousands of people at all of Apple’s major events & conferences. I also opened up the first 21 Apple Retail Stores around the country by giving presentations in each store’s theater at all of the grand openings. (Yes, each Apple Store used to have a theater in it!)

My coaching style & presentation style is influenced by my years with Steve Jobs and Apple Computer.


Inspiration & Motivation

Technology & Tech Comedy

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Shit Bitcoin Cash Fanatics Say, Part 1

Shit Apple Fanatics Say, Part 1 - viral hit video series with over 3 million views

Shit Bitcoin Cash Fanatics Say, Part 2

Public Speaking Photos

My Professional Experience - Public Speaking

  • Apple

  • Think Better, Live Better, hosted by Marc and Angel

  • Austin Nerd Nite

  • One-man show for Comedy Central execs.

  • Coaching TEDx speaker

  • Coaching Notebowl founder

  • Acting, writing, improvising